100mm (4 “) CUTTABLE WALL SUPPORT 100-250mm


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Product Description


Class 1 Stainless Steel Twin Wall Insulated Flue System

  • 316 inner, 304 outer, 30mm insulation open ended
  • Suitable for Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel and Condensing
  • 10 year warranty
  • Laser welded joints
  • Cuttable Wall Support with locking ring

    Used to connect to elements at the joints using its intgrated locking band and also fixing the chimney to the wall. This wall support allows regulation between the chimney and the wall from 100mm to 250mm, This wall support can be cut using a grinder or a metal saw, so that the perfect distance can be attained. A wall support has to be installed every 2 or 3 metres. This suppoort withstands both the lateral and vertical (weight) of the flue. By using this support you do not need to purchase a locking band.